Our Purpose

A Legislative Legacy

The Fort Bend Housing Finance Corporation was incorporated June 11, 1980 to “carry out the purposes of the Texas Housing Finance Corporations Act“.

The act was established in order to “…provide a means to finance the cost of residential ownership and development that will provide decent, safe, and sanitary housing at affordable prices for residents of local governments”.

Per the act, its benefits are that residential ownership and development:

  • Promotes the public health, safety, morals, and welfare.
  • Relieves conditions of unemployment and encourages the increase of industry, commercial activity, and other economic development to reduce the adverse effects of unemployment.
  • Provides for efficient and well-planned urban growth and development, including the elimination and prevention of potential urban blight and the proper coordination of industrial facilities with public services, mass transportation, and residential development
  • Assists persons of low and moderate income to acquire and own decent, safe, sanitary, and affordable housing
  • Preserves and increases the ad valorem tax bases of local governments.
  • The act also states that a Housing Finance Corporation “…is a public purpose and function and lessens the burdens of government. The legislature

According to the act, the Legislature found that:

  • “…the creation of a housing finance corporation is for the benefit of the people of the state, improves the public health and welfare, and promotes the economy”;
  • that “…those purposes are public purposes”, and that;
  • “…the corporation, as a public instrumentality and nonprofit corporation,  performs an essential governmental function on behalf of and for the benefit of the general public, the local government, and this state.”

The act established that “It is the intent of the legislature to authorize local governments to create and use public nonprofit corporations to issue obligations to accomplish the results described by Subsection (b).” [of the act]

Acts 1987, 70th Leg., ch. 149, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1987.

Shad Bogany

Shadrick “Shad” Bogany, Board President